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Info International With the increasing pace of advancement and technology it’s the inevitable need of today’s generation to cope up with it. We understand it well therefore we are here to meet the requirements of future employees. Yes we say employees because, although Information Technology is dominant in the corporate world yet we can not avoid it in the service sector also.
In today’s fast lifestyle when everybody is not able to pursue regular course due to time constraints we give a solution to this segment as well. We provide two modes of learning one is ‘Regular Mode’ courses which are beneficial for fresher and those who want to do such courses which help them in building their future strong and blinking and the other one is ‘Distance Learning’. Distance education and open learning is the education of 21st century. It helps them to enrich their knowledge and give them certificate for promotion in job. They can join these courses from anywhere in the country.
To our regular students we have various diploma / degree programs in INFO Centres. INFO, which is always on the vanguard of making bold innovations, has established many sub centres in the region of Uttarakhand and other states for the convenience of the local people.
Global economic scenario has brought in a paradigm shift for excellence and compelled the organizations to concentrate on their human capital which cannot be replicated by any other resource. Therefore currently our institute is offering the courses which are at par to Undergraduate & Post Graduate programs through best pedagogy.
Info society is floated with the objective of delivering quality programs and modules in examination education, training and consultancy in the areas of computer management, and allied sphere. IIEWS is the brainchild of team of professionals with a variety of experiences in education, research and training industry. Professional courses offered at Info International enables students to develop their skills in specialized areas.
In the coming years, information technology will continue to transform the way we think, work, communicate, and learn.
I am sure, your stint at the Institute will not merely be a degree acquiring but an Intellectual stimulating life changing experience too.


Rajesh Painuly

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