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INFO International (Institute of Information Technology) is an institute set up by a team of young professionals with a variety of experiences in industry, academics and research under the auspices of Info International Educational and Welfare Society (Regd.) Rishikesh with the objective of delivering quality education and training to dynamic young under-graduates, graduates and career finding students for an illustrious career in the areas of computer science, Information Technology, technical and management related field.
Info International recognizes that all students are different and have different needs. Our programmes are demanding as well as challenging with participation required from the students and encouragement to develop their personal skills.
Professional programs offered at Info International enables students to develop skills in specialized areas. At INFO International we encourage an active approach to learning highly interactive and stimulating classroom activities. Students are also involved in group projects and in assignment. Trainings during the programme will enable students to develop their practical skills and knowledge that build in them the quality of good employees.
The sole aim of the INFO through its computer training centre is to deliver such quality technical education to its students that no one other can do like it. The quality of education provided by INFO is strikingly watched by its management body and time to time suggestion and implementation process is also carried on. On one hand INFO International is equipped to handle specialist degree, diploma, computer and management courses for its students and on the other hand it is geared to provide familiarization programmes with specific application packages.
Info is well known for the quality of the education it provides to its students. INFO institute is the only institute which have fully TFT computer monitor in its lab and offices. We have 20 networked TFT monitor computer in lab and 20 other computer as ‘stand alone’ computer system in other lab and Offices. Well furnished theory and study room is also specially developed for the students for their study.

Our Vision:

To build up efficient leader for excellence in technical and Management education, Such a professional who play an important role in building state as well as country economy. To be a self sustaining center of excellence in technical education

Our Mission:

To produce quality manpower equipped with such human and social values required to integrate excellent technical skills, leadership, creativity and innovation for the benefit of mankind, for sustainable development of peoples and to promote technical education in the far most region of the state and country.

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